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Trigger finger( thumb)

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Literature We used to call you forefinger sucker. Where Member States take part in the procedure referred to in paragraph 1, they shall transmit to the Central Unit ð System ï the fingerprint data relating to all or at least the index fingers, and, if those are missing, the prints of all other fingers, of aliens Ö third country nationals or stateless persons Õ referred to in paragraph 1.

EurLex-2 két ujj: mutatóujj és középső ujj. Eurlex Azt hittem, a mutatóujjaknál nem lehet jobb, de a hüvelykujjak teszik fel a pontot az i-re. Just when you think the fingers are the main attraction, you've got those thumbs that really close the show. Trigger finger feels OK. Symptoms: Swelling, redness, pain, discharge, or purulence beside the affected toenail.

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Treatment options: Conservative treatment: careful foot hygiene, changing socks and shoes often during the day. Proper nail cutting technique. Disinfection is used in case of inflammation. Pedicure: nail correction by a pedicurist. Surgery: excision of the ingrown nail edge, removal of proud flesh and granulation tissue. It can usually be performed under conduction anesthesia, and general anesthesia may be considered for younger children.

Childhood foreskin and penis diseases Penile adhesion Description of the disease: The foreskin that normally covers the glans is attached to the glans with a thin cellular membrane layer. This is age specific and not abnormal. Symptoms: The foreskin cannot be or only partially can be retracted. Treatment: Apart from careful hygiene and pulling the foreskin back and forth after the spontaneous dissolution, there is nothing else to do.

If other urethral malformations are suspected, dissolution adhesiolysis may be considered for differential diagnostic reasons.

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This disorder is normal in this age; therefore, it does not require medical or surgical care! Foreskin inflammation Description of the disease: A bacterial, purulent inflammatory process in the foreskin.

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Symptoms: Painful urination or even urinary retention. The foreskin is swollen, red, and cannot be pulled due to the swelling. Stinky pus may be excreted from under the foreskin.

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Treatment: Rinsing the pus with a no-sting disinfectant solution e. Phimosis Description of the disease: Circular narrowing of the foreskin usually due to chronic inflammation. Symptoms: The foreskin is scarred, tight and can be barely or not at all retracted. The foreskin may swell when urinating, which is a sign of a urinary obstruction. Treatment: In milder cases, conservative treatment may be sufficient: exercise, topical steroid cream treatment.

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In case of failure or in severe cases, circumcision is recommended under general anesthesia. Childhood abdominal wall hernias Epigastric hernias Description of the disease: Pre-peritoneal fat bulges out in the midline of the abdominal wall due to the lack of continuity of linea alba.

Symptoms: In the midline of the abdominal wall, anywhere between the sternum and the navel, there is a palpable, pea-to-bean size, subcutaneous, minimally movable soft tissue deviation that cannot be replaced behind the hernia gate. Treatment: Surgical closure is recommended under general anesthesia.

Umbilical hernia Description of the disease: In most children up to 3 to 4 years of age, the navel ring is open in some extent. If the hernia gate is so wide that the omentum or a gut segment can protrude through it, trigger finger( thumb) are talking about an umbilical hernia.

Symptoms: Upon intaabdominal pressure increase, hernia content intestine, omentum protrudes in the umbilical ring. The hernia can be easily replaced. Treatment: No treatment is needed under 4 years of age. Adhesive patch use that was recommended earlier, has no sense. Over the age of 4, especially if the hernia causes complaints, it requires surgical care.

Under anesthesia, the hernia gate is closed from a small incision near the navel.

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Swellings in the groin area Inguinal hernia Description of the disease: The inguinal ring is open, and when the abdominal pressure increases, hernia content omentum, intestinal loop, ovaries in girls protrudes through it. Symptoms: Hernia can be palpated in the groin are or possibly in the scrotum.

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In case of intestine, gurgling can be felt during the replacement of the hernia. In boys, it is important to examine the position of the testicles.

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Treatment: Inguinal hernia is an absolute surgical indication. Surgery should be performed over the age of 1 year if possible, but the child should be at least 6 months old.

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The closure of hernia may be performed by laparoscopy abdominal keyhole surgery or by the traditional open procedure. Communicating hydrocele: A lesion equal to the inguinal hernia, but with a narrower passage so only fluid can travel through it.

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Symptoms: In closed and funicular hydrocele, fluid can be palpated around the testis or in the groin area. In case of a communicating hydrocele, fluid is usually seen around the testicles in the evening and disappears by morning.


A pattanó ujj az ujjhajlító izmok inainak elváltozásán alapuló, jellegzetes tünetekkel járó kórkép. Betegség lefolyása: Az ujjhajlító izmok az alkar tenyéri oldalán találhatók, az ujjakhoz hosszú ínnal futnak le és tapadnak. A csukló magasságától az inak hüvelyekben futnak, melyek mind a külső károsodásoktól, mind a túlterhelésekből adódó, kopásos sérülésektől védelmet nyújtanak.

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Az ínon eddig ismeretlen okból kialakuló csomó megakadályozza az ín szabad mozgását a hüvelyben, a mozdulat többnyire a nyújtás elakad, majd az erő növelésével az akadály eleinte leküzdhető, jelentős fájdalom árán.